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MacIsaac Consulting

Welcome to MacIsaac Consulting! Companies turn to us to lead their most high priority IT programs.

MacIsaac Consulting is a premier boutique firm delivering exceptional IT program management services. Established in 2016 by Mike MacIsaac, our seasoned consultants bring extensive expertise to the forefront of IT program leadership. Specializing in top-notch IT program management is our forte, and we take pride in consistently delivering excellence.

MacIsaac Consulting

Why Choose Us

With extensive experience in IT program management, we provide reliable services. Being a boutique firm, companies often use us as a separate trusted partner who works along side a larger consulting firm to manage large programs. This provides checks and balances to ensure programs are being properly managed. We are hands on doers who drive programs to completion!

Benefits of Our Services

Deliver IT programs on time and within budget using our vast IT program management expertise. Gain valuable insight from our experience successfully managing large digital transformation programs. Gain the advantage of our experience delivering identity and access management (IAM) solutions.  

  • Improve team collaboration, software quality and product delivery

  • Get clear stakeholder communication and program status updates

  • Tailor the right Agile delivery model based on your organizational needs

Please feel free to reach out to us to get our services today.